Never make these mistakes at the petrol pump, otherwise, it can be a big accident


Whenever we go to get petrol filled, we make some mistake that brings us to a big accident. We are aware of some of these mistakes but we ignore them. Today we are going to tell you about similar mistakes that may invite a big accident.

Car engine

While filling the petrol, the engine of the car should always be kept off as the car is already hot and when the petrol is filling, the car may explode due to excessive heat.

The phone

Never talk on the phone while filling petrol because the heat comes out from the phone and it can cause problems for you.

Do not drink cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is harmful to health anyway, but if you smoke cigarettes while filling the car at the petrol pump, it can also cause an explosion.

Filling up petrol in summer

In the summer, do not fill the petrol in excess in the car because it will not be able to go out of the air and the engine will start having problems.