Must get these parts of the bike changed in servicing, you will get tremendous mileage


Whenever you get your motorcycle serviced, the mechanic replaces many parts of your bike with some new parts in their place. These parts have a short life and if they are not replaced, the engine of the motorcycle and its mileage are adversely affected. If your motorcycle is also not giving proper mileage then you should also get these parts replaced during servicing. So today in this news we are going to tell you about the same parts of the bike which you can change and increase its mileage.

Oil filter

The oil filter of a motorcycle cleans the oil present in the engine. If any kind of dirt goes into the engine, then its mileage starts decreasing and you have to refill petrol again and again. In such a situation, you should change the oil filter during servicing. It costs only Rs 50 and it lasts for one to two months comfortably.

Air filter

The air filter is mounted in the middle of the motorcycle. It is made of foam which cleans the air going into the engine so that the engine can work at its full capacity as well as give good mileage to the motorcycle. Every couple of months this filter wears out or becomes dirty which should be replaced during servicing to keep the engine fit.