Mileage of motorcycles can increase by 20 percent, petrol consumption will be very low


Mileage is a problem in all the motorcycles available in India. Actually, due to wrong methods of bike riding, the engine starts to pressure, due to which the mileage starts to decrease. If you have a 150 or 200 cc motorcycle and its mileage can also be increased. Today we have brought some such tips for you that after following you, you can increase the mileage of your bike by about 20 percent.

It is important to fix the air filter

The air filter cleans the air going into the engine of the motorcycle and prevents dirt from going into it completely. If there is any problem with the air filter of the motorcycle, then the clean air cannot enter the engine, due to which the engine starts to work. Maintaining the filter is very important to increase the mileage.

Oil filter

Sometimes the dirt reaches the engine due to any reason. In such a situation, if the oil filter installed in the engine of your motorcycle is right, then the dirt in the engine can be stopped. This filter deteriorates over some time, so it should be replaced.

Tire size

As many sports bikes are there, many times people get wide tires, but they start putting pressure on the engine. To avoid such problems, these tires must be removed and company-fitted tires should be used.

Gear shifting

Speed ​​enthusiasts often do quick gear shifting in the cycle of speeding the bike, due to which the engine of the bike starts consuming a lot of fuel. The engine is pressurized due to fast gear shifting and it heats up rapidly.