Mercedes listed its second electric car on the website, runs 770km in a single charge, will be charged in just 35 minutes


The electric vehicle segment in India is going through its initial phase. In this race, luxury vehicle manufacturer Masardes has already launched its electric car EQC. But now Mercedes-Benz India has listed the electric sedan EQS on its website. Due to this, there are signs of its launching. Let us know, this car will be the second all-electric Mercedes car to be launched in India. Which is listed with the tag of 'Coming Soon.

Driving range: Mercedes EQS was first introduced as a concept version in 2019. Which is an S-Class electric sedan, and will be slotted to the top spot in the company's EV EQ portfolio. The company is present globally in the Q range with EQA, EQB, and EQC cars. The Mercedes Benz EQS uses a 107.8Kwh lithium-ion battery, and with its driving range, the company claims that it offers a driving range of 770km (according to WLTP) on a single charge.

Charging Time: This upcoming EV EQS will be launched in India with a standard 11KW onboard charger and an optional 22Kw charger for charging options. EQS charges from 10 to 80 percent in just 35 minutes, although a 110Kwh fast charger will have to be used for this. While it will take 11 hours to fully charge with a 240-volt domestic wall charger.

It Will is launched in two variants: Currently, the listing on the website by the company shows that Mercedes will offer the electric sedan in two variants which will include the EQS 450+ and EQS 580 4MATIC. In which its base model will generate a popper of 328 bhp with 568 Nm. At the same time, its second range-topping variant will be able to generate 516 bhp of power and 855 Nm of torque.

Note: The car's range and charging information is given here is based on media reports.