Maruti Suzuki will remove its plant from Gurugram, may build a new plant at one of these three places


The country's largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki (Maruti Suzuki) has decided to shift the company out of Gurugram. After this decision, the Haryana government has offered land at three places as an alternative to the Gurugram plant.

One of the three places where the Haryana government has offered land is in Manesar, where Maruti has its main factory. Apart from this, there is Kharkhoda in Sohna and Sonipat. Maruti is looking for alternatives, there was speculation that Maruti is looking for land in other states. But Maruti Suzuki India Ltd Chairman RC Bhargava has put the speculation to a halt. According to media reports, he said on Wednesday that Maruti's new plant will be in Haryana. Bhargava said, "We are considering options, but we will go elsewhere within Haryana."

So the place is changing

The 39-year-old plant at Gurugram, located on Old Delhi-Gurugram road, was the company's first manufacturing facility and has a capacity to produce around 7 lakh cars annually. However, as the city grew into a huge megacity over the past few years, it became difficult for the giant automobile company to operate on a 300-acre campus. According to the company's members, the plant employs about 15,000 people directly and indirectly.

Maruti is exploring a big place

Maruti has been in talks with the state government for nearly a year on the expansion of its plant. According to the report, the carmaker is exploring a new site ranging from 700 to 1,000 acres. Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, who also has industry divisions, says three land options were offered for the company. "They are currently evaluating the options. We are ready to support them in every possible way," Chautala said.

Bhargava said that the move to relocate the plant from Gurugram was inevitable. "There is a lot of congestion around the plant because of the residential building. Therefore, we want to move this plant to a bigger location," he said. The jam caused by the movement of heavy vehicles around the plant is also a concern for the Gurugram administration.

Of these three land options, Sohna's option seems to have little chance of approval. The state government had offered 1,300 acres of land to IMT Sohna, about 40 km from Gurugram in 2018. However, soil testing revealed high water levels at the site, which is not suitable for such plants.

While there is enough land available in Kharkhoda, Manesar is one of the largest automobile hubs in the country and has a complete ecosystem of subsidiaries. Maruti also has its own plant which it opened in 2007. The Manesar plot, spread over 600 acres, is twice the size of the Gurugram plant.