Know why this thin LED strip above the headlight is important


The headlights of all the new cars being launched in the market are now quite different from before. All the cars coming into the market are now being offered DRL on their headlight. DRL means daytime running light, which is very useful and works to keep you safe. The DRL is included in the cars under the new norms. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the features of DRL that improve your driving experience.

What is DRL

DRL is such a light that keeps on burning not only at night but also during the day. It is automatic and starts burning as the car starts. It is extremely thin in shape and is fixed above the headlight. It does not give light range but is very shiny, thereby maintaining the visibility of the car. This light works quite well during the day and it does not take much power either.

This is how it works

Many times in the evening, the drivers forget to burn the headlight, in this case, DRL means daytime running light remains active and makes your car visible on the road. This light works quite well in fog and fog as well and does not let your visibility on the road get reduced. This light is being offered in most of the cars found in India. Even if your car is of the old model, you can assemble the daytime running light from outside. Daytime running light is very important for your safety.