Jeep will have 70% of SUVs electrified by 2025, know what is the report on EVs in India


The Stellaris Group (Fiat-Chrysler and Peugeot-Citroen) recently celebrated their EV Day. In which 14 carmakers from America and Europe revealed their plans for electric vehicles. The special thing here is that one of the companies on this list is Jeep. Which first revealed the Grand Cherokee 4xe (plug-in hybrid) during the presentation and is now one of the other four Jeep models Renegade, Compass and Wrangler to be electrified with hybrid technology.

Also plans to invest in solar charging stations

The goals that Jeep has set for itself are to be achieved by 2025. The American carmaker wants to have a plug-in hybrid version as well as a fully electric version for all its SUVs. For this, it will use the latest EV platform of Atlantis Group. However, the brand also wants to ensure that 70 percent of the Jeeps sold by 2025 are electrified. Simultaneously, Jeep is also planning to invest in solar charging stations on the trails, so that electric Jeep owners can take the hassle out of charging the battery while enjoying their off-road environment.

The first is car-to-car charging, among other features of electric vehicles offered by Jeep, which will allow a vehicle with a higher charge to be shared with a vehicle with a lesser charge. Jeep is also planning to add biometric identification and drone systems to its SUVs. In which the drone will help in scouting an off-road area ahead of the vehicle.

Report on Electric Jeep in India

There were no plans for India in the presentation given by Jeep, but by 2025 we should at least start getting plug-in hybrid variants of Jeep SUVs like the Compass or the Wrangler. Although these are sold in international markets.