Jagdish Khattar, a former MD of 14 years with Maruti, has faced every problem firmly, learn to live from his story


Former Maruti Suzuki MD Jagdish Khattar said goodbye to the world due to cardiac arrest. Khattar was 78 years old and saw many such periods in his life from which it was difficult to emerge. In 1993, he was first associated with Maruti Udyog Limited. He gave nearly 14 years of his life to Maruti and under his leadership, Maruti also gained immense popularity. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about some important aspects related to their lives, from which life can be learned.

Jagdish Khattar served as an IAS officer for a long time. He was born on 18 December 1942. After working for a long time as an IAS, he joined Maruti in 1993 as Marketing Director. Due to his dedication and hard work, he was assigned the post of MD of Maruti in the year 1999. Khattar always used to say that the Indian Administrative Service was my first choice.

At the time when Khattar was elected as an Indian Administrative Service officer, it was difficult to ignore a country ravaged by famine, drought, and poverty. At the time of the floods in Chamoli, Khattar was taking over as district magistrates. They did not have any kind of moss order to deal with the flood. He decided on behalf of the District Magistrate with his understanding and continued to work. His name was recommended for Padma Shri for relief work. But he was not awarded it because his age was considered low for this award. Let me tell you that instead of this award, at the age of 29, he was awarded a prize of Rs 1,000 on Republic Day.

After Khattar took over at Maruti, it is the only car company in the world with more than 54 percent market share. After nearly 37 years of experience with Maruti Suzuki, he thought of something new and laid the foundation of his company Carnation Auto India. Carnation Auto India was the only sales and service company of all brands. Started in collaboration with Premji invest and Gaja Capital. Not only did his journey stop, in the year 2019, but Khattar was also involved in a controversy. In which Punjab National Bank charged him with fraud of Rs 110 crore.

Jagdish Khattar did not bear this point and he fully supported the investigation. In which all the allegations against them proved to be false. In response to the allegations leveled against him, Khattar had said very easily that there was no deception of any kind in the carnation. He faced every challenge in his life with simple, calm, and hard work. His journey from IS officer to his company Carnation Auto India has been long. But they did not lose and kept on going with confidence. By reading about them, you must have concluded that it is common to have problems in life, it matters how you emerge from it.