Is your car parked under the sun in lockdown, then there may be many losses, take care like this


It is getting very hot. The temperature is approaching 50 ° C. In such a situation, it is not dangerous to park the car in the sun. You may have to suffer heavy damage when parked in strong sunlight. This will directly affect your pocket. Therefore, it is better to take some precautions in time. We are telling you what harm can be caused by standing in the sun and how to avoid it ...

No arrangement for parking, then follow this method

Explain that the electric equipment of the car can become hot and bad due to high heat. The paint, tires, and engine of the car may also face problems. So we need some caution to protect them. If you do not have a parking system, covering the car with thick cover can prevent big damage.

Cover with thick cloth cover

Experts say that the car can be protected from sunlight by covering it with thick cloth cover. Most of the city's colonies do not have parking. People park their car outside the house or on the side of the road, where the sunlight falls directly on the car.

Melting wiring

According to a report, the automobile expert said that standing in the sun continuously from morning to evening affects the wiring, because there is too much wiring in the car, which is directly connected to the battery. The sunlight falls directly on the bonnet causing it to heat up. The wiring inside it can melt and stick together, which can spoil light, speedometer, and other electronic equipment. Therefore, you should try to protect the car from direct sunlight. If this is not possible then cover it with a thick cover. There is a possibility of cracks due to the tire being too hot when parked continuously in the sun. His paint also deteriorates.

Remember these tips

Please tell that the seat covers of rexine and leather are warmer. So get a cloth cover, use wax and cream to maintain the shine of the dashboard. While washing the car regularly, use the windshield cover on the glass of the car. The car will not be hot from inside. Keep checking the level of Coolest, Mobil oil consumption increases heat. Keep checking this too.