In this way, cleaning the car will be like new year after year, the shine of paint will be known today.


As many people buy cars in India, due to lack of time, most of the occasions are cleaned at the service station. However, some people like to clean the car at home. However, cleaning the car at home many times reduces the brightness of its paint. You are hardly aware of why this happens, but due to some mistakes, the paint of the car decreases. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the easiest and right way to clean the car at home.

Microfiber Cloth: Never use a microfiber cloth to clean a car. There is no damage to the body and paint of the car and it does not fade the brightness of the paint. Some people clean the car with any cloth kept in the house but by doing so the brightness of the car fades.

Water Pressure: Never use a water pipe with a sharp nozzle to clean the car. Pipes with sharp nozzles can cause scratches on the body of the car. In such a situation, you should not use a sharp nozzle in the water pipe.

Wiper: Some people use wipers to clean the body of a car. Doing this often scratches the paint. The wiper should only be used in select parts as body paint is weakened by its continuous use.

Shampoo: Some people clean their car with shampoo lying in the house for maximum foam. In this way, the dust and dirt get cleared but the body paint of the car is less shiny, in fact, some shampoos are very hard, so if you have been using them for a long time then it can spoil the paint of the car. is.