If you want to spend less on petrol then keep these parts of the bike fit, you will get tremendous mileage


Petrol prices in India are now increasing the problems of the people. Due to the rapid increase in the price of petrol, now the expenditure of the people has increased much more than before. In such a situation, people whose motorcycle mileage is less, have to spend a lot of money in filling petrol. If this problem is also being faced in your motorcycle, then today we are going to tell you some easy tips to increase the mileage of the motorcycle, by adopting which you can save thousands of rupees every month.


If your bike tire is bad or gets punctured repeatedly, then it should be repaired or a new tire should be installed. Actually, such tires put pressure on the engine and reduce mileage. In such a situation, you should take special care of the tires of the motorcycle.

Spark plug

Sometimes when the spark plug of a motorcycle gets old, it does not allow the bike to start. After starting the bike for a long time, it starts going, in such a situation, every time this problem comes, you should change the spark plug itself because it does not work properly due to loss of carbon.

Air filter

The air filter of a motorcycle is very important for the engine and if it gets dirty or gets damaged, it does not allow clean air to enter the engine and the engine mileage decreases, so the air filter should be maintained properly.

Brake shoe

If a motorcycle brake shoe is damaged, you should get it replaced as it can put pressure on the tire of the bike. Actually, due to this, the friction on the tire of the motorcycle tire can increase, due to which the engine starts putting pressure. In such a situation, always keep the brake shoe in good condition.