If you want to increase the mileage of a vehicle, follow these tips from today!


People also pay a lot of attention while buying a car and want their mileage to be high. However, in this attempt to save fuel, many of us damage our car in the long run. But today we are going to tell you about such tips by which you can increase the mileage of your car.

Most cars give their best mileage only when they run at a speed of 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. So keep the speed of the car at the same speed, do not drive at a faster speed than this.

You should avoid changing gears frequently. The smoother you drive, the lower the fuel consumption. When you see that a red signal is coming, start slowing the speed of the vehicle beforehand.

Drivers do not slacken several times or inadvertently reduce gear. And this way they blow more fuel. But you need to change gears carefully and if necessary.