If you are buying a hatchback, keep these features in mind, make your car super safe


The demand for hatchback cars in India is very high, these cars are economical as well as 5 people can easily sit in them. There are some special features to keep in mind while buying a hatchback. These features are very important for the safety of you and your family. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some such features given in hatchback cars which ensure your safety.

Electronic stability control: ESC is a very important feature for any car. Where does this feature come when you lose control of the car and your car starts swaying on the road. This teacher monitors the steering of your car. If the earring is very fast, it means that your car has become unbalanced on the road, in which case this feature is activated and immediately uses the brake to bring the car to a stable position, and then the car comes under control. She goes. This feature protects the driver from accidents.

ABS: Anti-lock braking system is provided in most cars nowadays. This system is an essential feature that prevents your car from going out of control even when braking suddenly. Sometimes there is a need to break suddenly in your car, in such a situation this feature is very useful for you. These features are being given standard in most of the cars.

Passenger airbags: Driver airbags have been standard in cars, but passenger airbags have become increasingly popular over the years. In fact, in the event of an accident, this airbag keeps the passengers sitting in the rear seats safely. This airbag is installed on the side which is quite wide in size. This is done so that more passengers can be kept safe during an accident.

360 Degree Parking Camera: Until recently, it was difficult to park the car in crowded places, by doing this many times your car collided with another car, but now with the help of a 360-degree parking camera, you can get narrow and crowded. Can easily park in crowded places because during parking you can view your car at 360 degrees and park it.