HSRP Booking: Booking the High-Security Registration Plate is even easier, just entering the number of the car will be done


High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) and color-coded stickers have been made mandatory in Delhi-NCR. Without this, a heavy challan may be required for driving the vehicle. Let us tell you that the government has started the bookmyhsrp.com website to book high-security registration plates and color-coded stickers, by which you can apply for HSRP, although there are many details of vehicles on this website. Which takes a lot of time, as a result, many people have not yet applied for HSRP. Understanding these problems of the people, now the process of booking HSRP has been made much easier. For this, you do not have to fill in your vehicle details.

Let me tell you that as soon as high-security registration plate and color-coded stickers are mandatory, people are very nervous about it, people are going to the website to book it as soon as possible and this is also causing the website to crash. As a result, a lot of time is being wasted. Also, the process of booking HSRP is very long, due to which the customers are facing a lot of trouble. Actually, to book HSRP and color-coded stickers, a lot of details related to the vehicle have to be given which takes a lot of time.

Considering the constant problems faced by vehicle owners in booking high-security registration plates and color-coded stickers, the High Court has asked the government to give more time to the vehicle owners. Let us tell you that customers do not have difficulty in booking HSRP and color-coded stickers, so the process of booking them has been simplified.

To do this, the criterion for booking HSRP has been reduced. Now, to apply for HSRP and color-coded customers will have to give almost half of the details as before, which will not only waste less time but also more information related to the vehicle.

The BookMyShow website has now been added to the Vahan database. Therefore, after entering the vehicle number, the integrated application software automatically collects the vehicle information including the vehicle's class, fuel type, chassis number (VIN), and engine number. After this change, the HSRP booking process has been reduced from 12 steps to only 6 steps. While booking HSRP, the customer is instructed to enter only the last five digits of the engine and chassis number. If the data is mismatched then the customer now has the option to upload the picture of RC and front and rear number plates. After this change, customers can now book HSRP and color-coded stickers with great ease.

Let us tell you that after November 14, the company claimed to have received 3.8 lakh orders for HSRP and 1.9 lakh orders for color-coded stickers. In total, 52,709 orders have been received for home delivery and 47,380 HSRP vehicles have been fitted so far. Even the number of outlets has been increased where customers can get HSRP and color-coded stickers.