Honda will sell only electric cars! Know what is the company's plan for EVs


Japanese automobile company Honda Cars have made a move towards adopting electric cars by leaving fuel cars behind to reduce pollution. Let us tell you that Honda has now started work on the best electric cars and this was also seen recently when the company unveiled the prototype model of its futuristic electric car SUV e.

Let us tell you that Honda Cars aims to start working on fully electric cars by the year 2040 and stop the production of fuel cars which will prove to be environmentally beneficial. To meet this goal, the company has also started working vigorously. Honda has started working towards becoming fully carbon neutral.

Let us tell you that the company will first try to bring battery and fuel cell electric vehicles in the ratio of 40 percent by the year 2030, after this, by 2035, this snoop will be 80 percent, and finally, by the year 2040, the company will make fully electric vehicles It will adopt, which will see a huge change in the environment. However, this task will not be easy for the company because so far the work on the charging infrastructure is going on in the world, in such a situation, there is a possibility that this will be known in the coming time.

If we talk about the recently unveiled Honda SUV e prototype electric car, its design is very attractive and in this, the customers get a large DRL strip in the front of the car as well as the company logo which glows. Along with this, large alloy wheels have also been given in the SUV. Let us tell you that due to being a prototype model, many changes will also be made to it, although most of its design is expected to remain the same.