Honda introduced the concept version of its 7-seater SUV N7X, know the special thing related to this car prepared on the platform of the city


Japanese carmaker Honda is popular among people only in India due to the Honda City sedan. However, at present, the company does not seem to have any intention of launching new vehicles in the country. But Honda introduced the concept of its 7-seater SUV at a virtual event held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This concept is named N7X. This means the new 7 seater excitation. If the report is to be believed, the Honda N7X concept can be replaced by the Honda BR-V in Indonesia.

The Honda N7X concept is externally equipped with a boxed body, which can have a glimpse of the Sharp SUV. In the pictures seen, this car has LED light, Fox skid plates in the front and rear. The point to note here is that the N7X is built on the current generation platform of the City sedan. Therefore, it is believed that it will also share the engine of the City sedan.

Usak Billy, Business Innovation Sales and Marketing Director, Honda Prospect Motor, stated that "Currently this concept does not refer to any particular model. It cannot currently be associated with Mobilio or BR-V. It is just a world premiere concept car." is." Let's say that, being ready on the City's platform, it can be given a Naturally spirited 1 .5-liter petrol engine with manual or CVT gearbox.

This concept model has LED headlights and stops, underbody guards. There are better glass spaces and larger doors for the cabin. On the rear, the N7X gets thin and sharp headlights with LED graphics that look like a Honda City sedan. There is no picture of the interior at the moment, but according to Honda, it will be equipped with all the special features. In which comfort will be specially taken care of.

The car is likely to be mass-produced in Indonesia. But currently, GIIAS 2021 which is to be held in August, the company will launch the production version of N7X at this event.