Gujarat students designed unique motorcycles, can be used on both petrol and electric powertrain


Fuel rates are currently skyrocketing, and electric vehicles are being promoted continuously. A regular motorcycle has been designed in this direction by a group of college students in Gujarat. Regarding which the students have claimed that this motorcycle can run on both petrol and electricity. Let us explain in detail, the information about this motorcycle:

This motorcycle has been given a hybrid mode while a battery has been installed to run this engine. The powertrain is separated via a switch, which helps the rider decide which turns he/she wants to ride. According to the students behind this project, a fully charged battery can help the motorcycle to last up to 40 kilometers. Let us tell you, this project has been prepared by the students of VVP Engineering College, Rajkot, who are in their seventh semester.

Dr. Maniyar, Dean, Department of Mechanical at VVP Engineering College, was quoted by news agency ANI as saying, "The main reason for developing it is that fuel prices are skyrocketing. There are many issues with e-vehicles such as high price, slow Speed ​​charging, etc. So we thought of a vehicle that can run on both."