From Scorpio to Bolero, the company is offering a discount of up to 3.5 lakh rupees!


Mahindra, the country's leading automobile manufacturer, is very well known for its SUV range in India. Currently, the company is offering huge discounts on its SUV line-up in the month of July to boost sales. Let me tell you, a strong discount of up to Rs 3.05 lakh is being given on Mahindra's models. Let us explain in detail the list of trains involved.

Mahindra is offering discounts on its SUV cars. In July, you can buy Mahindra Dhansu SUV cars cheaply. The company has taken this decision to increase the speed of the slowed cell during the lockdown. A discount of up to Rs 3.05 lakh is being offered on Mahindra's cars.

That is, if you are planning to get a new SUV, then this can be a good opportunity for you. Here we tell you how much discount Mahindra's car is being offered.

The company is offering benefits of up to Rs 3.05 lakh on this car. This company is a 7 seater flagship SUV. The car is also getting an exchange bonus of Rs 50,000 with a cash discount of Rs 2.4 lakh.