Ford's previous camera defect in this car will be repaired at dealerships


Ford Motor Company has recalled Lincoln Aviator vehicles designed between 2020 and 2021 for safety given a rearview camera malfunction. Let us tell you that due to a malfunction in the processing module of the rearview camera, it is unable to reach the video feed to the display screen. In such a situation, the company has recalled these vehicles to ensure that security-related problems can be avoided. Let us tell you that only selected vehicles of the fixed timeline will be recalled so that the car driver's safety can be ensured by eliminating the related faults.

Let me tell you that there is an internal fault in the image processing module which is causing this problem. Due to this problem, whenever a driver tries to reverse the vehicle, he does not get the rear end images which can cause an accident or even cause damage to your car. This recall is very important to fix the problem faced by the customers in the car from time to time.

Let us tell you that they do not follow the Federal Motor Safety Standards due to a defect in the rearview camera of the vehicle, in such a situation, the manufacturers must take immediate action so that they can follow all the safety standards again and the driver's Along with this, people sitting in the car should also be completely safe during the journey. Although there is no report from Ford about any accident due to this fault in the rearview camera, keeping in view the safety, the company has started this recall, after which the vehicle will be removed to the customers.

This recall will affect 34,975 vehicles in the US and Federal Territory alone. Also, 3,053 vehicles in Canada and 379 vehicles in Mexico will be affected by this recall. The vehicles that have malfunctioned were produced between 19 October 2018 and 7 December 2020 at the Chicago Assembly Plant.

The official notification related to this recall will be sent to the dealers from May 14, after which, from May 19, customers will be sent information about it from the dealers. The image processing module software of the rearview camera of the car will be updated at the dealerships after reaching the information to the customers. The reference number of this recall is 21C09.