Follow these easy tips while washing the car at home


If you wash your car at home and complete this process in less water, then today we are going to tell you the right way to do it. While cleaning the car, many times people make some mistake which can cause damage to the car. So let's know what are these tips and how you can use them while cleaning the car.

Do not wash the car in the sun

If your car is standing in the sun, do not wash it because the car becomes hot due to being in the sun, in such a situation, if washing with water causes damage to the paint and also reduces the brightness, so keep the car in a cool place. Washing should be done.

Do not use sharp nozzle spray

Many times you use a sharp nozzle in the water pipe to clean the car dirt thoroughly. This maintains the water pressure well. However, if the force of this nozzle is too strong, it can cause scratches on the windshield of the car or if there is already a scratch on the windshield, then it can also break. In such a situation, do not use a sharp nozzle in the pipe.

Do not use water in the interior

If you are thinking of cleaning the interior of the car with a water pipe, then doing so can cost you millions. There is electronic equipment in the interior of the car, in which water can get damaged. Getting this equipment repaired can prove to be very costly. In such a situation, clean the interior with a wipe only.