Fiat aims to convert all its vehicles to electric by 2030, information revealed


Italian automaker Fiat may not be working on a large scale in India, but the company's upcoming plans can prove to be a good deal for the Indian market to a large extent. We are saying this because the carmaker Fiat has decided to convert itself completely to electric by the year 2030. With the launch of the third-generation electric-only Fiat 500, carmakers are planning to revamp their portfolio.

For details, the previous generation model of the Fiat 500 was powered by normal fuel. That is, the engine was installed in it and it is present for sale even at present, but soon it can be gradually discontinued. In some media reports, it is being said that the company can now discontinue this fuel-powered car. Fiat aims to make electric cars, build EV stations, and more on a global scale.

According to media reports, recently speaking on the company's plans, Olivier Francois, CEO, Atlantis, Fiat, and CMO, said that "the decision to launch the new Fiat 500 - Electric alone was taken before the COVID-19. That's it. Even at the time, we knew the world would not 'compromise' anymore. In fact, with the warnings we received in the lockdown, we saw situations that no one could have imagined." As the animals of the forest were seen roaming the streets of many cities. As if this earth is taking its natural form from us.

Let us tell you that the Government of India has also set a target that by the year 2030, India's vehicles should be completely converted into electric vehicles. At the same time, apart from Fiat, many automakers have expressed their hope to convert to all-electric by 2030. In which Volvo and Mini are in the process. American automaker Ford is determined to switch to all-electric across the European market by this period.