Donald Trump's driver is more dangerous than 'James Bond', he gets a job after such hard training

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Donald Trump India Visit: If you are asked who is the most powerful person in the world, then your simple answer will be the President of America. In such a situation, we can all guess what the security of the world's most powerful man will be like. In fact, US President Donald Trump is coming to India on 24 February. Preparations are in full swing to welcome him. In such a situation, these days everyone is trying to know about the things related to Donald Trump. Today we are going to tell you about one thing related to the safety of Donald Trump, which can blow your senses. Today we are going to tell you how smart, professional and dangerous a driver who drives Donald Trump's Cadillac One is. Simply put, the driver of the trump is no less than the James Bond of English film. Let's have a look,

Cadillac One is made just for trumps

The Cadillac One car is specially designed for US President Donald Trump. This is a special car made only by US President. That is, if someone wants, he cannot buy this car, because there is no public selling of this car. Whenever the President of the US goes to other countries of the world, he rides on Cadillac One.

The car is made by the President's choice

Cadillac One is made keeping in mind the safety and choice of the President of America. In such a situation, all the facilities are available inside this car which Trump loves. According to reports, the new Cadillac One is around Rs 11.5 crore.

Who can run Cadillac One?

Who drives the car in which the world's most powerful person sits? This is a question that comes to the mind of most people. So for your information, let us know that the driver running Cadillac One is a completely professional and trendy person. The driver driving this car is given the most rigorous training. After that, the driver gets a daily review and health checkup. Understand that the driver driving this car is no less than James Bond.

You get the most rigorous training

The driver driving the Cadillac One is trained by the US Secret Service. For this, many people are trained together. The best of these is chosen to run Cadillac One.

Ready for every condition

The driver driving the trump car is ready for every condition. Along with driving, he is also prepared for defense. If necessary, this driver can remove the biggest car from crowded or difficult places. This driver can also rotate 180-degree 'J-turn' to a big car like Cadillac One.

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