Dilip Chhabria Scam: Famous car designer Dilip Chhabria used to take a loan to sell the same car to many customers, read what is the whole matter


Indian automotive designer and founder of DC Design, Dilip Chhabria, famous for designing cars in India, has recently been arrested by Mumbai Police. Since the arrest of Dilip Chhabria, there has been doubted about the reason behind it. However, it is being said that a case of fraud has been filed against them.

DC Avanti is famous worldwide: Dileep has been arrested for selling tax on several cars with the same engine and chassis number and for planning tax evasion through hypothecation. However, this has not been confirmed yet. Chhabria, who led DC Design, also attracted global attention with Avanti, India's first supercar. Their first sports car was equipped with the Avanti Renault-powered La Riding. Which produced very little production. The vehicle sold just 127 units worldwide before being discontinued. Because India enforced strict motor vehicle safety regulations.

A loan is taken multiple times on the same car: According to police, Dilip Chhabria allegedly sold several Avanti sportscar customers with the same engine and chassis number, which is a crime. DC Design Company also bought several of its cars as customers and sold them to non-banking financial companies for the scheme to third parties. The entire process relieved the company of taxes and GST.

SAIL to over 90 trains: According to the report, it is being said that Chhabria sold over 90 units of Avanti through this imaginary scheme. While the loss to the state exchequer due to the tax evasion scheme is yet to be calculated. It is estimated that there is a total loss of 40 crores.

Another car present with a salmon engine in Haryana: Mumbai police investigation found that there is another DC Avanti in Haryana with a similar engine and chance number. Apart from this, the police also found that several loans were taken on the same car. Which was about 42 lakhs per car on average. It is to be noted here that many VIPs and even a top Bollywood actor informed the police about this whole thing.