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The question that often comes to our mind is why petrol or diesel is needed to run any vehicle, why can not run the vehicles using water, any vehicle requires energy at a certain time. To date, there is no such vehicle that can run with water

Petrol and diesel are both petroleum substances. Petroleum fuel is made up of hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbon molecules contain mostly carbon and hydrogen atoms and also contain some other elements such as oxygen.

Thousands of years ago, the use of hydrocarbons is producing energy, humans have learned to use fire since the same time, energy is being produced using hydrocarbons and engines do their work in such a way that more and more Use more energy

There is no chemical process of water, in this case, it cannot be burnt like fuel but when the water turns into hot steam, it definitely produces energy, and coal or fuel is also needed to heat the water.

Many companies have claimed that they have prepared a car running on water, but everyone's claims were completely dampened.