Click here to know about the mistakes we should not do at Petrol Pump!


(1 ) Always fill petrol before reserve:

Very few people know that filling petrol in an empty tank causes damage. Always keep half the tank full.

(2) Go to the digital meter petrol pump itself:

Always have petrol filled at the digital meter pump itself. Older petrol pumps are more prone to fraud.

( 3) Do not ignore the meter :

While filling petrol, stand near the meter and watch all the activities of the salesmen. This greatly reduces the chances of cheating with you.

( 4) Always check the zero.

It is also likely that the petrol pump worker has not set the zero. Therefore, see this. This reduces the scope of petrol pump workers to do arbitrary and cheating.

(5 ) If the meter is running fast:

You have ordered petrol and the meter is running very fast, then there is something wrong. Ask the petrol pump worker to normalize the speed of the meter.