'Cheapest' electric two-wheeler launched in India, no license required, know the price


Start-up company Detel, which was famous for bringing the cheapest feature phone worldwide for just Rs 299 and the most affordable LED TV for Rs 3999, has now launched an electric two-wheeler Detel Easy (Detail Easy) at a lower price and It is claimed that it is the most economical as well as reliable in the world.


The Date of Deti EG is priced at Rs 19,999 (including GST). According to the company, it is not only cheaper to buy, but it will also reduce the cost of running it. Customers can purchase this vehicle through the company's website.

The battery

The Detel Easy two-wheeler has a 6-pipe controlled 250W electric motor. The top speed of this two-wheeled electric vehicle is 25 kilometers per hour. Detail EG 48V 12A LifePO4 battery has been given, which can be fully charged in 7 to 8 hours. The company claims that Detel Easy can travel up to 60 kilometers after full charging.

No license needed

The special thing is that the driver does not need a license to drive this two-wheeler. Along with this, the registration certificate is also not required for this electric vehicle. The company aims to sell this vehicle to teenagers. Along with this, this vehicle can prove to be especially beneficial for those who need to travel short distances daily.

Helmet free

The newly launched EV has drum brakes for the braking system. The company is offering helmets free of cost to ensure driver safety on every vehicle purchase. Two people can ride on this two-vehicle. The company has introduced Detel Easy in three colors. Which includes Jet Black, Pearl White, and Metallic Red.

Detel hopes that Delhi's new electric vehicle policy will, in particular, strengthen the future of electric vehicles in the country. Yogesh Bhatia, founder and CEO of Detail, said, "This increase in our portfolio will be our first step in our effort to reduce vehicular pollution in cities and increase the introduction of EVs to people and various states."

He said, "The EV industry in India is emerging due to various reasons like increasing awareness of the environment, increase in petrol prices and solid emission standards, etc. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently launched 'new electric vehicle policy' "With the aim of boosting the economy, reducing pollution levels and creating employment opportunities in the city, we feel that now the consumption of electric vehicles will increase more than ever."