Car tires will not puncture in summer, take care of these things while driving the bus


You may have noticed that car tires in the summer season are much more punctured than in the winter season. The reason for this is that during the summer season, the air pressure of the tire increases significantly and due to this the puncture starts to increase. However, if you are constantly troubled by the tire puncture of the car, then today we are going to give you some easy tips which you can easily follow to prevent your car tires from getting punctured.


Many times there is excessive air filling in the tires, in such a case the tires of the tires deteriorate and if this is done for a long time, the tires burst in a middle way and the car can be disassembled. Air filling should be done as per the requirement in Hemsha Tires.

High-speed drive

The car should run at a speed only when it is needed, otherwise, its tires suffer a lot of damage. The tires of the car wear on the road and the faster you drive the car, the sooner the tires will deteriorate.

Apply cap on the tire valve

The new tires have a cap on the valve, but if you do not have it in the tires of the vehicle, then get a cap on all the tires, because when the car is on the road, the pressure causes the air to come out of the tires due to the pressure from the cap. Will not come out


If you break the brakes suddenly or apply them at high speed, then the tires have a lot of pressure, due to which they wear out and at the same time they also burst, in fact, due to the fast braking, suddenly the tire becomes hot. And then the chance of its burst increases.