Buying a vehicle is now easy: Punjab National Bank is giving loans to people whose salary is less than Rs 8,000, know what is the new scheme


If you are thinking of buying a two-wheeler, and are worried about the budget. Let us tell you that, Punjab National Bank, the second-largest bank in the country has brought a special offer for you. Your salary should be only 8,000 rupees to redeem. The bank has launched a special scheme for the women of the country. Whose information is given on the official website of the bank? Let us explain in detail about this new scheme:

What is the Scheme: Punjab National Bank has brought a 'PNB Power Ride Scheme' for women. In which vehicles are also being given to women with less salary. That is, if your salary is 8,000 rupees or more, then you can finance PNB to buy bikes, scooters and mopeds.

Those without salary will also get a chance: If a woman's salary is 8,000 rupees, but her job has been completed for 6 months. So you can take advantage of this scheme. Also, if you have self-employed, you should have at least one year experience. If there are students, then parents can be made co-applicants. The thing to note here is that you must be between 18 years and 65 years of age and also have a valid driving license.

How much loan will be: The maximum value of loan of this offer of Punjab National Bank is 60,000. However, the amount financed will be calculated according to the downpayment. For information, let us pay 10 percent of the ex-showroom price of the vehicle as a down payment. At the same time, the maximum period of loan taken under this scheme has been fixed at 36 months.

How much will cost in other charges: PNB Bank charges the fixed rate of interest by activating women to take vehicles. Which is currently 7.35 percent. Apart from this, you can get relief from processing fees and documentation charges until December 31. That is, no other charge of any kind is being charged till 31 December for financing PNB.

Note: For the correctness of whatever information is given here, you can check it by visiting the PNB website, apart from this you can also get more information by going to your nearest PNB branch.