Bumper discounts of up to 65000 rupees on these 3 vehicles of Toyota, read the offer


There are just a few days left for the festive season to begin in India. In such a situation, car companies are offering many great discounts offers to woo customers. Now Toyota has also joined this link. This October the company is offering a total discount of up to Rs 65000 on its Toyota Innova to Toyota Glanza and Toyota Yaris. Cash discounts, exchange bonuses/loyalty bonuses, and corporate discounts are being given to customers on these trains from Toyota. Today we are going to tell you about all the offers being given on these trains. After this news, you will be able to saturate yourself which car will be the best in your budget. So let's have a look,

Toyota Innova

On this October Toyota, Innova customers are getting a total bumper discount of up to Rs 65,000. On behalf of the company, customers are being given a cash discount of Rs 15000 and a corporate bonus of Rs 20000. Apart from this, you can get up to 30000 rupees under the exchange bonus by buying the new Innova by replacing the old car.

Toyota Glanza

Toyota is offering a discount of up to Rs 30,000 on Glanza this October. A cash discount of Rs 15,000 is being given by the company. At the same time, customers will save up to Rs 10,000 by buying a new Toyota Glanza in place of the old car. Apart from this, a corporate discount of Rs 5,000 is being given by the company on its purchase.

Toyota Yaris

Customers can get up to Rs 50,000 in total by purchasing the Toyota Yaris this October. This month, a cash discount of Rs 15,000 is being given to customers on its purchase. At the same time, customers can save up to Rs 15,000 in total under the exchange bonus/loyalty program. Apart from this, corporate employees are getting an additional discount of Rs 20,000.

These vehicles are not getting a discount

This month Toyota is not offering any discounts on its Fortuner, Camry, and Vellfire. In such a situation, it is disappointing news for the customers buying these vehicles.

Customer, Please Note

These offers from the company are for a limited time. Apart from this, these offers can be changed at different dealerships.