Bugatti made a mini electric car for children, sold 500 cars as soon as it arrived


Bugatti, a high-performance car manufacturer, has created a mini electric car for children and teenagers, surprising everyone. The company has named it Bugatti Baby- 2. Actually, the company has made this car by re-developing its Bugatti Baby. Bugatti will sell only 500 cars worldwide. The starting price of Bugatti Baby- 2 has been kept at around 26 lakh rupees. Here, the funny thing is that all the cars are sold out. However, the company still continues booking, so that if a customer cancels an order, the other customer gets a chance. These electric cars are also being called the baby model of a Bugatti car made in 1926.


The Bugatti Baby- 2 is available for sale in three models. The price of its top model is about 50 lakh rupees. Its large battery gives a range of 50 km on a full charge. That is, once full charge, this car runs for 50 kilometers without stopping. The company promised to launch the Bugatti Baby-2 on its 110th anniversary last year. Let us tell you that Bugatti's unique cars are known all over the world for their high speed.

Bugatti Baby- 2 came in three models

As we have already mentioned, Baby-2 has been launched by Bugatti with three models. These include the Base, Vites, and Pur Sang models. The weight of the Baby-2 starts at 230 kg without a driver. Everyone who buys it will get the membership of Little Car Club.

Performance and speed

Its base model is made of the composite body, with a 1.4kw battery for power. The base model comes in two variants. Its Novis variant generates a maximum power of 2.3 PS and can run at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the expert variant generates a maximum power of 7.4 PS and gives a top speed of 45 km per hour.