BMW's first electric scooter spotted testing, design very attractive with many special features


Fans of German automaker BMW have long been waiting for the launch of the company's first electric scooter. For the time being, it seems that now this wait is going to end soon. BMW's electric scooter CE 04 was spotted during testing in Germany, the pictures of which were shared online by users of the test. However, no official statement has been made by the company yet about this electric scooter.

According to the report, the electric scooter could be based on the BMW Definition CE 04 concept, which was introduced at the EICMA Motor Show in November last year. Recent photos show that the design of the scooter is very similar to the concept version. However, some cosmetic changes were made to the design.

Design The BMW CE-04 has been given a stylish futuristic design as per the leaked photos shared by the Blogspot website. It gets V-shaped LED headlamps on its front and several angular lines running on the front panel. The scooter's driving stance is reminiscent of a cruiser bike with low-flung seats, forward set footpegs, and a raised handlebar for riding positions.

Some time ago such news came that the company will launch this scooter in Germany with a driving range of 120 to 130 km. At the same time, the most special thing about this scooter is its onboard instrumentation, in which the company will use a 10.25-inch display. Which will be the largest display so far in the scooter segment. At present, the company has not given any indication about the battery capacity and motor of this electric scooter. However, it is expected that the CE-04 will get a mid-range electric motor with a belt-driven system instead of wheel-based BLDC hub motors.