BMW electric scooter will run 130 km in a single charge, the seats will be like cruiser bikes


BMW's cars and motorcycles are well-liked, but now the company is bringing its own electric scooter, which is expected to get a tremendous response like cars. Recently the company has unveiled its electric scooter CE-04, which is very stylish to look at, as well as tremendous features, have also been given in it.

Let us tell you that the company will offer an 8.9 kWh battery in the BMW CE-04 electric scooter, due to which it's the electric motor will be able to generate a maximum power of 41.5 bhp. According to the information, this electric scooter will give a strong range of 130 km in a single charge, which is much more than any electric scooter found in India.

Talking about the features of the BMW CE-04 electric scooter, a 10.25-inch TFT touchscreen instrument cluster, map navigation, connectivity features will be offered in it. The BMW CE 04 is capable of accelerating from 0 to 50kmph in 2.6 seconds, while its top speed is 120 km/h.

This electric scooter gives the look of a sports motorcycle, in which customers are given the features of a car collision. Thanks to these features, the rider gets the best ride experience. The BMW CE-04 electric scooter gets an LED headlight, taillight, and indicators. The height of this scooter is low and the handlebar is given at the height. The scooter gets the riding position of a cruiser bike which will give great comfort to the rider.

The belt drive system of the BMW CE-04 electric scooter transmits the power of its motor to the rear wheel. The scooter has dual disc brakes with wide front and rear tires. The CE-04 offers tremendous under-seat storage space in which you can keep a lot of stuff.