Bike modification can prove to be dangerous, know its disadvantages today


Nowadays bike modification is quite in trend among the youth. Most bike modifications change the design of the bike and many times the original parts of the bike are removed and replaced with other parts. However, doing so can prove dangerous. Most people are not aware of this but getting the bike modified from its design can prove to be dangerous. Even during an accident, you can be a victim of serious injury. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you how bike modification can harm you.

Foot Guards: Most of the bike company comes from curved foot guards that protect your knees and feet from collision during an accident. Modify foot guards can damage your feet because they are small in size and are not in a curve shape. In such a situation, they can harm you in the event of a collision.

Heavy Rear View Mirrors: Rearview mirrors help you see vehicles coming from behind. If your bike does not have rearview mirrors then you can be a victim of an accident. Company fitted rearview mirrors are quite light as well as the handling of the bike is easy with them, if you install modified rear view mirrors in your bike, then they are bigger and heavier in size. They are good to look at but it becomes a bit difficult to ride a bike with them. In such a situation, you can become a victim of an accident on sharp turns.

Engine frame: Nowadays people make an engine frame to make the bike look sporty. These engines are large and heavy in frame size. In such a situation where they cause pressure on the engine, on the other hand, it can also cause bike disbalance at slow speed.

Modified Silencer: The modified silencer is much wider than the common silencer and their setting position angle is also high, so if the person sitting on the back seat of the bike does not pay attention, then this modified silencer can also burn his leg.