Bike maintenance tips: If the bike is stoped working while standing in lockdown, then repair it at home!


These days most parts of the country are under lockdown due to the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, your bike is standing at home, due to which there is a risk of standing problem in it. It has often been seen that when you start a bike standing for several days, it does not start and stops. There can be many reasons for this, one of which is the battery going down. But do you know that apart from the battery being down, some other problem can turn your bike off? Let us tell you how to protect the bike parked in the house during the lockdown, as well as correct it at home.

Keep the spark plugs right: The spark plug in the engine of your bike is an important part of it, so it is very important to check it periodically. In the rainy season or because of the bike standing for a long day, sparks stop coming out of it. Because of which when you try to start your bike, it does not start at all and stops. Because a lot of garbage is put on your bike's spark plugs or else oil residues get stuck. Due to which the current stops coming out of it and the bike does not start, due to which the problem of lack of bike starch is common.

Here's how to clean spark plugs: If your bike is not starting and its spark plugs have garbage or grease residues, then you can fix this problem at home. For this, you need to remove the plug from the tool kit found with your bike. After that, you open the spark plug of the bike and wash it carefully with kerosene or petrol first. Apart from this, rub on a rough surface or clean it with mild sandpaper, you will see that the spark plug of your bike will be cleaned and the dirt will be removed on it. Now start the bike by kicking it again, you will see that your bike will start easily.

How to Replace Spark Plugs: Most people look for a mechanic when a spark plug malfunctions. Take the bike to the mechanic and get the spark plugs replaced. But we are telling you the way with which you can change the spark plug of the bike in lockdown while staying at home. All you need is an extra spark plug for this. Which you can open and replace after the old one goes bad. To replace the new spark plug, you will have to open the old spark plug in the engine of the bike and it can be replaced by a simple procedure.