Bajaj Pulsar 220's youth running bike with tractor wheel, video is becoming very viral on social media


Motorcycle modification has a different craze among the youth all over the world including India. Although it is illegal in the country to do so, some people get their motorcycles modified without being carefree. Although many cars look even better after their Modification, many people modify vehicles in such a way that they look very bizarre.

Recently, a video of Bajaj's popular bike Pulsar 220 is going viral on social media. It can be said that it is a strange kind of crazy pan or a craze. Actually, the owner of this Pulsar 220 has replaced its front wheel with a tractor wheel, due to which this motorcycle looks quite strange. The suspension has also been removed from the vehicle due to the tractor tire in the front.

To fit this tractor wheel into the bike, it has also been molded at the base of the bike, so that the tire will fit easily in the front, a custom hub is built, and then it is fitted to the bike. There are no brakes in the front tire of the bike. Although there is no information about what the tractor tire size is, one can definitely be said that this will be the biggest tire of Pulsar 220 so far.

In the video that is going viral, it is seen that the bike rider is driving it comfortably on the road. Not only this, this bike is seen moving smoothly on the broken road. However, due to the thick tire in the front, turning the bike on the turn is not an easy task. Explain that Pulsar of Bajaj is the best selling motorcycle of the company.