Avoid the use of these things in the car, if someone reduces visibility, then someone can catch fire!


Everyone likes to travel by car in the summer season, but some things should be taken care of during the journey because ignoring them can harm you. Not only damage but you can also be a victim of some unwanted accident or your car may catch on fire. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you some such things which should be used very carefully in the vehicle and also try not to use these things in the vehicle, it will be better.

Use of sanitizer in-car dashboard: Nowadays due to the corona epidemic, most people use sanitizer in their car, but do you know that sanitizer bottles should not be kept on the dashboard of the car. Because most sanitizers contain up to 70 percent alcohol, due to which strong sunlight on the dashboard of a car can cause a fire in the car's cabin, as alcohol is flammable. So keep in mind that whenever you travel by car, carry a pocket-size bottle of sanitizer with you and if you leave sanitizer in the car, never park the car in the sun and also keep the sanitizer on the handrest of the car. Keep it in storage or glovebox.

Do not hang hanging accessories in the car: Most people are fond of decoration in the car, but there are many such accessories which reduce your visibility, for example like hanging perfume in the car, key chain, pandals, etc reduce the visibility There have been many such cases in which many accidents have happened due to low visibility and many people have lost their lives.

Do not get the wiring work done from outside in the car: Many people tamper with the lighting in the car and its company fitted wiring for the show, as a result of which many times the car gets short-circuited and catches on fire. Mostly it has been seen that to give a beautiful look to the car, people get the work of ambient lighting, horn change done, and some electrical fittings done from outside. But getting the company's wiring cut and getting the work done from outside proves to be fatal at times and your car may catch fire due to short-circuited the wires. Therefore, you can avoid such things in your car.