AUTO UPDATE: Most of the people who do not know about these 5 features of the car, keep the driver and passenger safe.


All the modern cars are being launched in India, they are given the best in class safety features which keep you safe in case of an accident. However, how effective these features depend on the frequency of the accident. Although there are some features in the car that most people are not aware of, but these features are also very important from the safety point of view and it makes your drive extremely safe. Today we are going to tell you about 5 such features given in cars, which is very important for you to know about.

Tire pressure monitoring system

New cars offer TPS ie a Tire Pressure Monitoring System which monitors all the four tires of your car and informs the driver about any kind of movement or problem in them. The tire pressure monitoring system works on the sensor and informs the driver about low tire air, increased tire temperature, excess air in the tire, or tire burst so that the problem can be rectified in time. And the accident can be avoided. However, this feature is limited to premium cars and is yet to be included in entry-level cars along with the hatchback. This feature is very important in terms of security.

Seat belt pre-tensioner

If your car has a seat belt pre-tensioner, it does not allow you to move from the seat during an accident. It keeps you attached to the seat with special pressure so that the driver and the passenger do not hit the windshield or dashboard during the accident and do not get any injury to their head.

Seat belt reminder

Seat belt reminder is being offered in most cars these days it works when you do not have a seat belt. If you take off the seat belt while driving the car or do not put your seat belt on, then it will sound an alarm so that you will miss the seat belt.

Over speeding alarm

The car has an overspeeding alarm, which will let you know in advance at high speed and an alarm will also be set and you will be alerted. Many times people keep increasing without seeing the speed and the car reaches your dangerous speed. This alarm is given to avoid any such problem.