AUTO UPDATE: Know the important things about it before getting stylish modifications done in your car


Everyone is fond of car modification. By modifying the car, whether it is small or big, it changes its look a lot and by attracting this, people make many modifications in their cars. The cost of modification depends on which part you will get changed and how big it is. If the modification takes several days or is taking longer, then its cost usually increases because many parts of your vehicle are changed in doing the modification. However, the modification also sometimes damages your car. So let's know which modification is not right for your car.

Car Safety Cage

When most people buy an SUV, they get a heavy metal grill attached to its front side. This heavy metal grill is installed so that if the car collides, there is no damage to the front part. Let us tell you that this modification can save the front of the car from damage, but many times it has introduced a problem like not opening the airbag during an accident, in such a situation, it is not empty of danger.

Wide alloy wheel

Getting wide alloy wheels in the car is very trending nowadays, it makes your vehicle look very supportive but the problem comes when the weight of these wheels increases and this puts pressure on the engine, as a result, the vehicle does not give mileage and you get every Months to have to spend thousands of rupees on fuel, so you should avoid wide alloy wheels.

Local Electric Equipment

Many times people get used to saving money because of local electric equipment, which affects the mileage of the car as well as the guaranteed warranty. These local parts and electric equipment also affect the wiring of the car, so they should be avoided.

Base tube

Applying a base tube to the car makes the sound of the music quite heavy but it can damage the interior of the car and its frame as many times its vibration is too high which can damage it.