Apple will launch a battery-powered car, Will enter the car market in 2024


In the year 2024, Apple company is going to enter the car market. The car that is going to be launched in the market will be a new type of car which will be equipped with advanced battery technology. It is expected that the buyers of this car will be given an iPhone or Apple computer free of cost.

New Delhi: Apple, which manufactures high-quality products including the iPhone, is going to enter the car market soon. For the present, it will manufacture such an electric car which will reduce the cost of the battery significantly. Apple has introduced the world to the best technology this year and has launched many products including laptops with great features and batteries as well as smartphones, among which the iPhone 12 series is quite special and this phone is the best selling phone in the 5G segment.

Will make passenger car

It will be a passenger car equipped with the advanced battery technology of Apple company. According to information received from Apple's sources, in 2014, six years ago, the Apple company started the car with the goal of entering the auto sector under the name of Project Titan. Till now the company was working on the design of the car and now it is engaged in preparing the software of the car after this.

A team of 200 people is working

It is being said that very soon an official announcement will be made by Apple Company. In the year 2018, a former senior employee of the company, Dog Field, returned to the company and prepared a specialist team of 200 people for this special project. Now the production of the company's cars can begin by 2024.

Tesla will get compete

According to a report by the news agency Reuters, Apple is working on a plan to make a self-driving car, which might become an example for Future Mobility. Apple's upcoming electric car will compete with Tesla as both companies are known for their premium products. In the coming time, it will be known what brings something new in terms of Apple's electric car look, features, power, and battery and how much it competes with its competitors.