After India, Ford EcoSport will now have a holiday from this country too! This information came out


After Ford decides to close its stores in India, all its cars manufactured in the country have also been discontinued. The EcoSport, which has been one of the more successful made-in-India models from the US-based carmaker, is now facing an exit from a few other markets as well. According to media reports, Ford EcoSport is now set to be discontinued in the US as well.

While a decision to discontinue the EcoSport in its homeland will not be taken until the Ford EcoSport is available in the United States until mid-2222, the Detroit Free Press reported. In Europe, production will take place in Romania and the company will maintain its range of models there.

The reason for this decision is that EcoSport has not been successful in selling the Ford Company. Despite being one of the brand's most iconic trucks a few years back and capturing thousands of lives, this automobile will now cease to exist or at least in its native land.

Ford showcased the EcoSport in the US in 2016 and launched it for the first time in 2018. Over the years, the success of the subcompact SUV has been in decline. Until last year, the North American company was reducing the units it manufactured, apparently turning the truck into sales by the Bronco Sport range and Ford didn't wait long to finish it.

At launch, it was seen with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder. All-wheel drive is available in it. Now, dropping the EcoSport leaves room for Ford to develop other vehicles within production. In India, the Ford EcoSport sub-compact SUV has been one of the best-selling vehicles by the US-based carmaker. It was first launched in the country in 2013. The carmaker is planning to launch a new facelifted version of the EcoSport SUV recently. However, it is difficult to meet after Ford decides to close its plants.