A hobby is a big thing! One VIP number sold in lakhs, Government became rich after lockdown


The Coronavirus may have caused great damage to the economy and snatched people from their jobs, but this epidemic did not snatch their hobbies from the people. This is the reason why people are spending millions of rupees on their hobbies even in this financial crisis. In fact, as soon as the unlocking process started in Delhi after the lockdown, the hobbyists spent lakhs of rupees to bid for the VIP number of their choice. This is the reason that the government has earned lakhs of rupees in just three months from the VIP number bidding.

33 VIP numbers sold in 3 months

Between April and July, 32 VIP numbers were sold in Delhi. Of these, 25 were VIP numbers of cars. At the same time, 7 VIP numbers were purchased for the motorcycle.

In which month how many VIP numbers were sold

April - 1 VIP number sold

May - 5 VIP numbers sold

June - 11 VIP numbers sold

July - 15 VIP numbers sold

That is, there has been a rapid sale of VIP numbers after the lockdown.

66 lakhs earned in three months

Between May and July, the government received revenue of Rs 66 lakh from the sale of the VIP number. In this, the government has received Rs 64 lakh revenue from the car's VIP number. At the same time, the government earned Rs 1.72 lakh from the two-wheeler VIP number.

In what month did the VIP number earn?


1 VIP number sold

1,50,000 earned


5 VIP numbers sold

9,30,000 grossed Rs.


11 VIP Numbers Sold

21,71,000 earned


15 VIP Numbers Sold

33,81,000 grossed Rs.

Delhi has a range of VIP numbers ranging from one lakh to five lakh rupees. After that, if someone bids more then he gets that number.

Which month was the highest bid

April ----

May - Rs 2,10,000

June - Rs 3,10,000

July - Rs 7,10,000

0009 VIP number earned 17.50 lakh rupees

The number 90009 was the highest demand between May and July. The minimum price of this VIP number was Rs 3 lakh, which was purchased for Rs 7.10 lakh. This number was sold 4 times in three months. The government earned Rs 17.50 lakh only by selling this number. Apart from this, 0007, 9000, 1111, and 9999 numbers were more in demand among customers.