Zoo beats heat with coolers and water sprinklers in Jaipur


Jaipur zoo officials have made special arrangements to keep the animals cool in the scorching heat in Ram Niwas Garden and Nahargarh Biological Park (NBP).

Other than placing coolers and changing the diet, zoo authorities has set up covered sheds and installed water sprinklers in cages. The oldest inmate of Jaipur zoo, the African baboon spent the entire day before the cooler.

The ducting system in NBP is giving relief to lions, tigers, bears and panthers. Authorities give animals showers in the morning and evening to keep their body temperature under control. Similarly, the diet of inmates has been changed to include more liquid and reduced the quantity of meat for carnivores.

“We are giving them water laced with glucose to protect their body from dehydration. An entire summer protocol is being followed to guarantee that they don’t suffer from heat stroke and to keep up their behavioral pattern,” said Dr Arving Mathur, senior veterinarian, Jaipur zoo.

The number of visitors has dwindled because of heat at both the spots. It fell drastically at Nahargarh because of its distance from the city. Amid the day, the caged animals don’t engage in any activity and remain at one place. “They become lethargic because of heat and become inactive,” said Mathur. The NBP has trees around enclosures to provide green cover.

Cleanliness is also high on the agenda of authorities. They have been keeping the enclosures clean to prevent diseases. Animals are additionally being observed to check for change in behavioural patterns.

Zubaida Khan, a guest, said that animals were spending time before coolers but wanted more to help them beat the heat. “The authorities should place water sprinklers in all cages to lower temperature. It’s a challenging task as every animal has a different level of tolerance for heat,” said Khan.