Zika caused by virus Serotype


According to the researchers when personage is infected with Zika virus, their immune systems produce neutralizing antibodies to fight the infection. The Zika virus strain flow in the present outbreak moving Central and South America and the Caribbean is of the Asian lineage.  These antibodies may offer immunity next to future infections by strains of the similar Zika virus lineage.  Until currently, it was unclear whether the antibodies could also protect alongside infection with strains of the other Zika virus lineage. Results from laboratory experiments and tests in mice currently are probable. Such defense indicates that, despite being hereditarily distinct, all strains of Zika virus have identical surface antigens and consequently are the similar serotype. The closely-related Dengue virus has four serotypes, which is why people can be infected with dengue as many as four times, once with each serotype.

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In research conducted by investigators from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Washington University in St. Louis and Emory University in Atlanta, scientists took serum samples from people impure by Zika virus strains flow in South America and mixed them with manifold strains of the virus in the laboratory to see how well the serum antibodies neutralized the virus. Results demonstrate that antibodies elicited subsequent to infection with Zika virus strains of the Asian lineage were able to potently slow down together Asian lineage and African lineage strains. According to the researchers the investigators behavior similar trial using serum samples from mice and found that sera from mice impure with either Asian or African Zika virus strains were evenly effective in neutralizing virus strains from either lineage. The researchers are significant to the ongoing attempt to fast expand a preventive Zika vaccine. The researchers also further conveyed concluding that, because there is only one Zika virus serotype, antibodies elicited by any Zika virus strain in a vaccine could possibly confer protection next to all Zika virus strains.

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