Zakir Naik’s statement contradictory, won’t be easy to charge him, say experts


NEW DELHI/MUMBAI:  Islamic Preacher Zakir Nayak had given the controversial statement on Friday and spread hatred through religious preaching.

In context of this matter, Supreme Court had put the charges on Zakir Naik for causing communal disharmony under IPC Sections 153A and 295A of IPC.

Naik’s speech encouraged two Dhaka killers as well as former attorney general Soli Sorabjee said, "What is necessary is a fair probe and after that expeditious application of law, not before.''

"It is no offence to promote one's own religion as being superior over another, but if it is intended to or results in disaffection between two religious group, it would not have the protection of the fundamental right,''former Maharashtra advocate general S G Aney said.  Moreover, the state has ordered an inquiry into Naik's speeches.

One of the most controversial statement which he had given was, “He asked Muslims to become terrorists against anti-socials.”

Senior legal expert Amit Desai warned him and said that “his statement must be seen from a contextual perspective. “

"First, police must identify the objectionable speech, then ascertain its authenticity, then scan it entirely to read it in context. If that is done, I feel Naik's speeches will attract no offence,'' said Mubin Solkar, defence advocate in some blast cases in the state.