Zakir Naik: I’m a victim of media trial


NEW DELHI: An Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik has alleged himself as a victim of media trial. He is ready to cooperate with investigations that will be conducted against him by the government agencies.

He came into dilemma when the charges were imposed against him during Dhaka Bakery Attack. It was reported that the accused took training from him that killed around 20 people.

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Naik said “he never supported terrorism and was, in fact, targeted by the media.”

“I have heard many allegations against me in the Indian media… As far as being afraid is concerned… I am not afraid at all. So far, there has not been a single Indian government authority which has called me. Just because the media has labeled allegations against me… I am not going to come to India for a media trial,” he told India Today news channel in Saudi Arabia.

He even helped Narendra Modi to improve relations between Hindus and Muslims and also between India and other Muslim countries.

“If PM Modi is trying to build harmony between Hindus and Muslims, I am all for it,” Naik said.

He also added that, “Modi was the only Prime Minister who visited several Muslim countries in such a short span of time.”

Moreover, Zakir Naik also interrogated the use of Islamic State (IS) for describing the group that has taken over parts of Iraq and Syria.

He said the group was basically “Anti-Islamic State as it kills innocent people which is prohibited in Islam”.

“The Quran says one who kills an innocent being, kills the entire humanity,” said Naik.

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Zakir said, he never supported terrorism, whether it was in Dhaka, London or New York.

“Let’s have an objective panel and choose the best code. I believe the Islamic code is the best. I will argue on behalf of Islam,” Naik told the channel.