Yuvraj Singh Posed With His Duplicate, See The Confusing Pic


India’s triumph against Bangladesh in the semi-finals of the ICC Champions Trophy yesterday wasn’t the main reason it was an extraordinary day for Yuvraj Singh – for it was additionally the cricketer’s 300th ODI. Yuvraj’s game yesterday made him just the fifth Indian cricketer to feature in 300 One-day International matches for the nation. What’s more, to add to his memorable day, off the field, there was an extremely unique fan holding up to click a photo with him – a fan who looked simply like him.

A tweet posted yesterday by the BCCI indicates Yuvraj Singh posing with his doppelganger:


Captioned ‘YUVSTRONG12 X 2’, the pic demonstrates Yuvraj posing with a fan who also wore the Indian shirt and sported a beard. The likeness between the two is uncanny.

Since being shared on the web, the tweet has gathered more than 8,000 “likes” and more than 1,000 retweets. Be that as it may, it appears like Yuvraj feels that there’s no one very like him – and we concur. Answering to the BCCI’s tweet, he stated:

Here’s how others reacted to Yuvraj Singh posing with his lookalike: