Yuvraj says ‘I will hit six sixes again’ to a young cancer survivor


Mohali. India batsman Yuvraj Singh who is a Cancer fighter & survivor and also a World Cup hero gave some valuable tips to 17 young kids, who battled against the dreaded Cancer, during an interaction on Sunday.

Yuvraj marked in the history of Indian cricket with his six continuous sixes in an over against England’s Stuart Broad in T-20 World Cup match in 2007 in South Africa which is one of the most cherished moments for every Indian.

While interacting with the group of children aged 7-8 years, a young kid asked Yuvraj if he will hit six sixes again on which the 34-year-old cricketer replied like, “You pray, I will hit six sixes again.” However the left-handed batsman said he doesn’t know when he is going to hit those six sixes. “Many years have passed since then”, he added.

An 8-year-old cancer survivor studying in class 4 said that Yuvraj is a great inspiration for him. He said,” I love cricket and watching Yuvi and Raina in action gives me colossal joy.”

Yuvraj gave vital tips to children, saying this fight with dreaded disease Cancer will teach you not to take life for granted, nor even your family or friends.

“Think of it as a blessing in disguise that you still have an opportunity to live again.”