YouTuber Takes On ‘World’s Largest Parkour Course’, Here’s the Dizzying video


A impressive yet dizziness-inducing video of a YouTuber taking on one of the world’s largest parkour courses is flowing on the web. For the individuals who don’t have a clue, parkour refers to the activity of negotiating one’s way through a zone by running, jumping or climbing. It like an obstacle course of sorts.

The video, posted by athlete Calen Chan, 19, indicates him running down the Skyladder Parkour course at Tianman Mountain in China. “It has an average incline of 45 degrees, and is 999 steps long (around 3 football fields)!” he clarifies in the YouTube description of his video.

A little over three minutes long, the video indicates Calen jumping and running through the course. Chances are, you’ll be panting just by watching him.

“Clearly this was difficult, and I physically couldn’t sprint down the whole way of deadly drops without slowing down, however I did my best,” he says on YouTube, including that he’s the only individual to do this with a camera in his mouth.

“This is so incredibly long, how do you last that long,” comments one YouTube client on the video. “I would’ve died on the first minute,” says another.

“Great stamina and speed,” says one analyst. “I was there two weeks back when they were building this. Your film doesn’t indicate how steep the steps really are. Total respect in taking on the course,” says another.