YouTube Video of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ‘Flamer’ Goes Viral


SOUTH KOREA: A YouTube video demonstrating a broiler gloved Burger King representative battling with a blazing Galaxy Note 7 has turned into a viral outline of the emergency confronting Samsung over its harried cell phone.

The video has been seen more than one million times since it was posted on the video-sharing site on Saturday, two days before Samsung reported a worldwide stop to deals and trades of the Note 7.

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The world’s biggest cell phone producer issued an overall review of the model toward the beginning of September taking after grumblings that its lithium-particle battery detonated while charging.

The move transformed into a PR calamity when reports developed a week prior of substitution telephones additionally bursting into flames.

The YouTube video, shot on a cell phone by a client, demonstrated a Note 7 seething alongside a vacant nourishment wicker bin on a table at a Burger King outlet in the South Korean city of Incheon.

A Burger King laborer wearing vast warmth safe gloves battles to expel it from the table yet it drops to the floor, bringing on yells among spectators.

She in the end lifts it up with both hands and leaves the table, which is scarred with a dark, roasted check.

A Samsung representative affirmed that the gadget in the footage was a Note 7 without explaining further.

The chief of the outlet told an online news site Wikitree that the store had asked for pay from Samsung for the harm to the table.

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