Youngster bites the dust because of carelessness in healing center, request requested


Bahraich (UP), Aug 11 (PTI) A 10-month-old baby kicked the bucket because of affirmed carelessness of an attendant in the area healing facility here after which a request has been organized by the Chief Medical Superintendent.

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As per relatives of the youngster, Krishna, an attendant in the region healing facility, supposedly directed "a wrong infusion" as she was not paid "pay off" bringing on death of the newborn child on the morning of August 9.

Shivdutt, the childs father, asserted that he conceded his child in the locale doctor's facility on August 7 in the wake of paying Rs 100 to the medical attendant and Rs 30 to a sweeper for securing a bed in the childrens ward.

He asserted his child was not given appropriate treatment by the medical attendant who gave him a wrong infusion after which he passed on.

Boss Medical Superintendent of the region healing center, Dr OP Pandey, while discounting organization of wrong infusion, said it was an anti-toxin infusion and there was nothing incorrectly in it.

"I have organized a request against medical caretaker Asha Singh by a board of three specialists and she has been expelled from the ward," he said today.

The sweeper, who took cash, has been sacked.

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